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Use health information
to guide your decisions about treatments.

Use comparative effectiveness information to make informed decisions about your health, and to ask your doctor questions about treatments for your heart health.

Participate actively. Be empowered.
Ask questions.

Regular electric signals trigger your heart. If your heart’s electrical system starts sending out irregular signals, this is called A-fib.

Cholesterol causes fat to builds up over time and harden into plaque which clogs the artery and keeps oxygen-rich blood from flowing freely.

RAS or renal artery stenosis is usually the narrowing of the arteries to the kidneys caused by a build-up of plaque from fats, cholesterol and other materials. 

When arteries that bring blood to your heart muscle have become narrowed or blocked, it’s hard for blood and oxygen to get to your heart. This will raise your blood pressure and you will be are at risk for heart attack, heart failure or stroke.